How Does the Data Visualization Society Show Love?

CREATED BY: Jacque Schrag


This small multiples visualization shows the usage of "heart" emojis in the various DVS Slack channels over time by highlighting the most frequently used emoji per day.


Rather than looking at all the emojis used as reactions to DVS Slack messages, I decided to focus on only those that included the word "heart". The original interactive plotted each usage of a heart emoji over time, which showed the "red heart" was the most used emoji and that using heart emojis was more frequent early on in the Slack's creation.

But the sheer number of heart emojis used made the timeline difficult to read, so I created a second interactive that grouped the data by channel. To keep with the "heart" theme, I decided to lay out the timeline in a heart shape using CSS Grid. The most frequently used emoji for each day is visible, offering a more nuanced view of each channel's heart emoji usage. A tooltip was added to provide more detailed information for each day in a channel.

schrag-dvs-hearts-timeline - Jacque Schrag.png