Board of Directors


Executive Director: Elijah Meeks

Elijah Meeks is the author of a technical book on data visualization using the popular JavaScript library: D3, as well as articles about the field and practice of data visualization. His work has included digital humanities projects like ORBIS and Kindred Britain. He develops and maintains several open-source projects including the charting library, Semiotic and the nteract Data Explorer. He currently works at Apple, where he builds custom data visualization products for analysts and data scientists working on Siri. @Elijah_Meeks |


Community Director: AMY CESAl

Amy Cesal is a graphic designer specializing in data visualization. She holds a master’s degree in Information Visualization from MICA. In 2017, Amy won an Information is Beautiful rising star award and recently won another in the unusual category for her side project DayDohViz. Previously, Amy worked for the federal government as a Technology and Innovation Fellow at the CFPB and at the nonprofit Sunlight Foundation, where she created one of the first data visualization style guides. @amycesal |


Knowledge Director: Mollie Pettit

Mollie is a Senior Data Visualization Engineer with Netflix. Previously, Mollie worked as a data visualization contractor, a d3.js instructor with Northwestern University and Metis, and as a data scientist with Datascope Analytics. Mollie's joy at being involved with data viz community endeavors has led her to found and organize Chicago Data Viz Community Meetup; volunteer as VisFest Organizer, and serve as Knowledge Director of Data Visualization Society. When Mollie is not being a data nerd, she swing dances and bicycles around the city. @MollzMP |

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Publications Director: Jason ForresT

Jason is a father, musician, data visualization specialist, writer, and designer living in New York City. He is currently the Editor-in-chief of Nightingale: the Journal of the Data Visualization Society. Jason writes about the intersection of art, culture and data visualization on Medium frequently and is currently lecturing about his research on the data visualizations by W.E.B. Du Bois and other important figures of the 20th Century. Somehow in there, he released his 11th latest album of electronic music, “Fear City," in September 2018. @Jasonforrestftw |  


Partnerships Director: Julia Krolik

Julia Krolik is an information designer, data scientist, artist and public speaker based in Canada. Her passion revolves around making research more accessible to the public. She leads Art the Science, a non-profit organization that facilitates artists residencies in science labs. She also leads a creative technology studio called Pixels and Plans, that fuses scientific integrity with engaging design to create impactful communication products. Julia loves working with data, spatial analytics, teaching visual communication workshops and projection mapping light shows at music festivals. @yuliakrolik

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Operations Director: Amanda Makulec

A data viz designer and teacher with an enthusiasm for human-centered design approaches to visualization. She has a background in public health and worked on data visualization on global health projects for eight years, during which she co-founded the Data Viz for Development community. Currently, she leads data viz teams across sectors as the Data Viz Capability Lead at Excella. Amanda is a big believer that the best solutions are the ones that answer a question or solve a problem, not necessarily the ones that use the shiniest technology, and is interested data ethics, data literacy, and inclusion within the data viz community. @abmakulec |

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Education Director: Iris Morgenstern

With her background in education and communication and a subsequent career in market research, extracting and conveying insights from data is at the core of her professional identity. Iris has been in love with data visualization for many years and made it her primary focus after a career change in 2017. Today she works at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster and shows M.Ed. students how to be better teachers with data visualizations. @datahobbit

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Communications Director: Amanda Ward

Amanda is passionate about solving problems with data, data exploration, data visualization, data journalism, predictive analytics and machine learning. Originally from Australia, Amanda is now working in Austin, Texas for Fjord (Design & Innovation by Accenture) as a Data Designer. She has expertise in data science, business analysis, solution design and consulting but is now working on enterprise level data visualizations, with a specialty in Telecommunications and graph/network designs. She has her Master’s in Data Science from Monash University and is passionate about not-for-profit knowledge sharing and is looking forward to this new challenge!


General Director: Neil Richards

Neil is a UK based information designer and data professional with 20 years working as a data processor and survey programmer in Market Research roles, who, four years ago, discovered data visualisation (specifically Tableau) and has never looked back since. He was a Tableau Public Ambassador and Zen Master for 2018 and used this opportunity to speak regularly at conferences and user groups. Neil frequently blogs about (not tool-specific) data visualisation and shares his design methods, thought processes and personal dataviz projects at @theneilrichards |

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General Director (Early Career): Kuhu Gupta

Kuhu is a Masters in Computer Science student at Georgia Tech. Her interests lie in data visualization, storytelling and maps. She enjoys reading about data visualization, user interactions, design principles and color theory. She is passionate about telling stories through data that more people don’t know about but could resonate with. She believes that data visualization could be used as a medium to bring forth the problems of the world so that people could empathize with it and take steps to solve.

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General Director (Early Career): Sarah Schöttler

Sarah is a master’s student in Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. Originally from Germany, Sarah previously studied Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences in the Netherlands, where she discovered data visualisation – the perfect way of combining her interests in technology and design. She likes building visualisations in D3 and is trying to get better at map-making. Sarah tends to take on generous amounts of extracurriculars. She has been a board member of her study association, set up a university-wide internationalisation initiative, and is currently founding an alumni association. @sarahschoettler |


Advisory Council

Tamara Munzner - Professor at The University of British Columbia

Katy Börner - Professor at Indiana University Bloomington

Mona Chalabi - Data Editor at Guardian US, Presenter and Illustrator

Eric Rodenbeck - Founder & Creative Director, Stamen Design

Alberto Cairo - Knight Chair at the University of Miami and author

Giorgia Lupi - Partner at Pentagram

Alark Joshi - Associate Professor at University of San Francisco