Data visualization has grown into an important professional skill that can be challenging to acquire and develop. By joining the Data Visualization Society you’ll be able to discover and create the means to better develop that skill. Whether you are new to data visualization or deeply familiar with it, membership will expose you to like-minded practitioners to help you improve your skills.

What we’ve accomplished

  • Conduct research on similar organizations

  • Decide on a name and create a logo, website and twitter

  • Write a code of conduct

  • Create a way for people to become members

  • Hold weekly meetings with the founding members

  • Collect data about community events and awards

  • Started a Slack and welcomed over 3,500 people and counting into the group

  • Create a process for creating new Slack channels

  • Updated the logo to reflect current membership

  • Create a medium account and published posts

  • Post explaining the logo

  • Release some anatomized membership data for people to visualize and created a gallery of submissions

  • Email members their unique data fingerprint badges

  • created an email list and sent a welcome message

  • Patreon for short term funding

  • Organized the Slack channels

What we’re planning

  • Collect data about the community and share it

  • Curate resources for data visualization

  • Design and list swag

  • Create a mentorship program 

  • Long term strategic planning

  • Revising the data visualization survey for 2019 

  • Create future challenges

  • Create a list of other similar but tool based communities

  • Local chapters