Heatmap View using Clustergrammer2

CREATED BY: Nicolas Fernandez


We visualized the high-dimensional member data using our in-development interactive WebGL heatmap Jupyter widget called Clustergrammer2. Users are visualized as columns, country/city as column categories, and dimensions are visualized as rows. The interactive heatmap allows users to interactively explore all 3,500 member's data, reorder members based on attributes (e.g. sum/variance), and identify clusters of members based on similar attributes. We also calculated country "signatures" based on the average properties of member data in the country.


We looked up country and city information using geopy and added this information as user categories (column categories). Member dimensions (e.g. society score) were Z-scored across members to help compare different measurement types. The notebook can be viewed on NBViewer (https://nbviewer.jupyter.org/github/cornhundred/datavizsociety/blob/master/notebooks/3.0_Viz_Heatmaps.ipynb), run on mybinder (https://mybinder.org/badge_logo.svg)](https://mybinder.org/v2/gh/cornhundred/datavizsociety/master?filepath=notebooks%2F3.0_Viz_Heatmaps.ipynb), the code is on GitHub (https://github.com/cornhundred/datavizsociety), and a quick demo video can be seen on twitter (https://twitter.com/franschrandez/status/1105529159604989953)