Data Visualization Society Membership

DVS Membership - Mike Cisneros.png



A gridded map of the world using RGB values to denote each location's relative balance of data, visualization, and society skills (as self-reported by membership).

Process for Creation:

Using the latitude/longitude values of member signups, I rounded the location data to the nearest 2.5 degrees, which groups the world into squares about 175 miles per side. Within each square, I got the average of all members' data, visualization, and society scores. I assigned "data" to the red channel, "visualization" to the green, and "society" to the blue. The higher the (binned) score in each category, the more of that channel I applied to the mark representing the members in that region. (I originally tried to use interlaced marks to accomplish this, but it only worked in theory; in practice it was way too dark.)

I also included a mosaic of members, sorted from highest self-assessment to lowest. The interaction of the piece allows you to find individual (anonymized) members in the mosaic by highlighting locations in the map.