Chernoff Adventurers


Created by: Elijah Meeks


Each member is represented by a single adventurer icon. Pants color encodes the latitude of the member's location while shirt color encodes the longitude. Data skill is represented by the size of the shield, visualization skill by the size of the sword and society skill by the size of the hat. Icons are stacked based on hour of joining from the beginning (on the left) to the end of the sample data period. Icon stacks are compacted during high activity hours.

As a happy accident of the code, when members left their location blank the color interpolator would break and render black, so there are some ninjas in there. Likewise, members who did not rank themselves on their membership survey will appear bare-handed and bare-headed.

Process for Creation:

I used old-fashioned D3 to color, maneuver, scale and rotate SVG paths made in Inkscape. I realized after finally getting it to work that there were ninjas because the interpolator was being passed null values and I thought they looked cool.